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220 Orange Church Road
Canton, GA, 30115
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Prayer Concerns


Prayer Concerns

  • Angie Kammerer
  • Dianne Kammerer
  • Doug  & Liz Lathem
  • Laverne Ledbetter
  • Carlton Lively
  • Zachary Mullins (3rd grader with heart issues)
  • Michael Ridings (Gall Bladder surgery)
  • Esther Smith
  • Katie Turner (Ronnie Turner's Mother; Bad fall)
  • Lisa and Michael Broussard (baseball coach struggling with MS)
  • Greg Camp
  • Joel Crawford (unknown illness-submitted by Helen Edwards)
  • Chad Davis
  • Goldie Fodor
  • Gloria Frankum (Lynn Outlaw's mother)
  • Charles & Mary Gibbs
  • John Holbrooks (hospitalized)
  • Jordan & Makala

prayers and our sincere condolences to:          

AND continually:         

  • Pray for our many persecuted Christian brothers and sisters all around the world.
  • Pray God’s safekeeping of all our USA military families & friends in service to our country.


If you wish to add to or delete from the list, please contact the church office at (770) 886-9662 or
click here to e-mail your prayer requests directly and confidentially to Dr. Mark Outlaw.