Worship at Orange could be described as “traditional Methodist style,” but surrounded by a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Services are currently held on Sundays at 11:00am, with special services during the holidays. View our Calendar for up coming events during the year.


On the first Sunday of each month, our congregation participates in Holy Communion.  Our Lord’s table is open to anyone who professes the Christian faith, regardless of church affiliation.


We offer Sunday School classes available for all ages, including youth and children, that meet every Sunday at 9:45 or 10:00am. Please visit our Sunday School Page to view class information. You are welcome to drop in and our friendly greeters will point you to a class that is right for you.  


For more information, please contact the church office (770) 886-9662 or
visit the Contact Page to send us an email or inquire about more information.


"The Prince of Orange"


So, how did Orange UMC get its name? Well, our name actually dates back a few hundred years, starting with the settlement of local communities of Lathemtown and Free Home - they're still around and growing! Free Home and Lathemtown were in turn settled by a few families hailing from South Carolina who helped found the city of Orangeburg, SC; named aptly after William IV, Prince of Orange.

The founding members of Orange chartered the Methodist Episcopal Church of the South in 1848, which originally met in the home of locals Tyre and Martha Lathem Smithwick.  Needless to say, Orange has flourished from its humble beginnings and we still hold value to welcoming others with the Word of God. 

For a more detailed history click here.


The Reflection Garden: "Garden at the Foot of the Cross"

In 2014, the decision was made to remove the dying pine trees behind the church. The loggers came with their chain saws and machinery, and left a tangled mess of stumps, broken timber, and red clay. A massive effort was mounted by the men of Orange and the Boy Scout troops, who worked together to clean up the damage left by the logging crew and gradually the shape of things to come was revealed. An now barren hilltop, flanked by two sides with hardwoods and with two sides open to the sun showed promise of great importance!


A young Eagle Scout candidate named, Tristan Titus, envisioned a large, wooden cross crowning the hill, while other church members developed ideas about a serene, quiet Garden for prayer and reflection. Both ideas were duly approved by the Church Council and work was begun to bring these dreams into reality.

The area was leveled, and an 18' Eastern Red Cedar Cross was erected on the summit and the full clearing of the garden was undertaken. Several small, blooming trees and shrubs were planted by church volunteers to provide a backdrop for the Cross, the weathered, silver gray finish of the Cross will stand out against the greenery. Another Eagle Scout candidate built a stone fire pit in the recreational part of the garden.

In February of 2016 another Eagle Scout project caused the area in front of the Cross to be reworked to provide a seating area. Trees, benches, and small planting beds donated in the memory of loved ones will eventually create a beautiful and restful place to wander, rest and reflect on the changes that mark every lifetime.

If you'd like to make a donation to the Garden, contact the church office at (770) 886-9662 or with the button below.